Northern California Justice Center

About NCJC

Experience a “New Kind of Law Firm”

The Constitution of the United States guarantees every citizen “equal protection under the law.” But what can the average citizen do to secure their rights when access to the courts costs more than they make in a year? Legal Aid organizations support the indigent, and the wealthy can always afford the $300 or more per hour charged by large litigation law firms. Where does the average citizen turn for help? How can small business owners protect their rights or fight “shakedown” lawsuits? Too often, the unfortunate answer is they don’t. They sacrifice their rights in frustration because they think it’s too expensive to hire competent legal help.

The Northern California Justice Center is the solution.

Northern California Justice Center was founded and operates to address the glaring hole in the way ordinary people are handled by attorneys and the courts. NCJC is a “new kind of law firm” that believes everyone has a fundamental right to access the courts. We do everything possible to reduce our own overhead so that we can charge you the lowest possible rates in providing you excellent representation.

Lawyers deal in information. Everything your lawyer does to progress your case involves compiling and delivering certain sets of information to certain destinations. The past decade has seen amazing improvements in information technologies. NCJC uses the most current and efficient business and information technologies to reduce overhead wherever possible. Telecommuting, de-centralized and virtual offices, email, electronic document delivery, teleconferencing, and electronic filing are only some of the advances we use to save money. The savings are then passed on to our clients by offering affordable billable rates and even capping legal fees at a set amount for certain cases.

The attorneys working for NCJC have academic credentials from top ABA accredited schools ranked among the best by U.S. News and World Report. All non attorney personnel are directly supervised by members in good standing with the California State Bar. All personnel are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation for the lowest possible cost to the client.

If you want aggressive representation for the lowest possible price, then give us a call today so we can get to work on a solution that best serves you.